Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Great Cookie Giveaway!

The holiday season is up and running and that means Christmas carols, Christmas sweaters, and lots and lots of Christmas cookies. This year I am teaming up with my extremely talented friend Jennifer Olivarez of the adorable Squirrel Picnic to bring you a super fun cookie contest.

Simply answer the following question in the comments below for your chance to win a half-dozen real cookies from me (flavor yet to be decided, but decidedly holiday-based) AND a half-dozen crochet chocolate chip cookies lovingly made by Jennifer. A random number generator will choose the winner.* I'll announce the lucky guy or gal at noon MST on Friday, December 6. (Hey, that's my birthday!)

Here's the question, and it's a toughie:

What is your favorite kind of cookie? 

(Mine are Lofthouse cookies. Yes, they are store bought. And yes, they are amazing.)

Looking forward to your comments and to sending you some tasty and super cute holiday treats!

*Contest limited to US residents only.


  1. My favorite cookie is chocolate with peanut butter chips. Ridiculous! ANNNNNNND Happy Birthday!!!!!

  2. My favorite cookie is my Great Great Grandma's Sugar cookie. I do believe there might even be one more great involved too. LOL

  3. I like white chocolate chip with dried cherry cookies.

  4. My favorite has to be peanut blossoms. You can't go wrong with peanut butter cookies and hersheys kisses. SO amazingly delicious!

  5. Monster cookies are my absolute favorites! I always make around 10 dozen of them during the holiday season

  6. My favorite fancy cookie is a french meringue cookie, and favorite go-to is chocolate chip. Favorite holiday cookie is oatmeal chocolate lace. So tasty! Happy B-day Becky!

  7. Hey!! I'm looking to get more followers on my blog- I'll write about your blog if you feature mine!! :)