Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snickers and Cheez Doodle Snickerdoodles

Christmas is around the corner, which means it’s cookie exchange season! I think it’s a great concept, but I know it’s a hassle coming up with the perfect recipe, finding the time to actually bake the cookies, and worrying that everyone is going to make the same thing. So I’ve come up with a fast, easy, and fun recipe that I can pretty much guarantee no one else will have (unless they read Foodbeast too). Snickers and Cheez Doodles Snickerdoodles—it’s your basic Snickerdoodle stuffed with Snickers, rolled in Cheez Doodle dust, and baked with love.

Snickers and Cheez Doodle Snickerdoodles 

For the full recipe, which has a good chance of getting you crowned Queen (or King) of the Cookie Exchange, visit Foodbeast

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