Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chocolate Bacon Cheetos

The other day, I was asked what was my favorite 30 minutes or less dessert to make, and immediately I thought of chocolate-covered Cheetos. They are always well-received (upon consumption if not upon receipt), and I pretty much always have Cheetos and baking bark in my house, so it's easy for me to whip together. Then someone mentioned chocolate-covered bacon, and I thought... ugh, it's been shamefully long since I've made something with bacon, how about we put them together! Chocolate Bacon Cheetos: certainly a recipe that will take longer than 30 minutes with cooking, cooling, and crumbling the bacon, but they were totally worth the effort.

Chocolate Bacon Cheetos


  • 7-8 strips of bacon
  • 1/3c brown sugar
  • 2 bricks of chocolate baking bark
  • Cheetos


  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Prep baking sheet with non-stick foil and lay bacon on baking sheet. 
  2. Coat each side of bacon with brown sugar, and cook until crisp (about 12-15 minutes), flipping once.
  3. Let the bacon cool completely and crumble all the good bits into a bowl.
  4. Melt baking bark in the microwave, and start dipping your Cheetos.
  5. While the chocolate on your Cheetos is still wet, sprinkle bacon crumbles over Cheetos so they are nice and covered (I found this ultimately worked better than rolling the chocolate-covered Cheetos in the bacon). 
  6. Chill Chocolate Bacon Cheetos in the fridge until set, then scarf them down.

Oh. Man. I definitely forgot what I was missing with adding bacon to, well, everything. While regular chocolate-covered Cheetos are still a fabulous option for a quick and easy treat that your friends will love, if you've got the time, and the bacon, make these babies happen.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wasabi Pea Truffles

My visits to the liquor store have become more frequent as the variety of food-flavored alcohol has increased. I just love looking through the mini-bottle section, wondering, “What do I want my booze to taste like today?” (Hint: the answer is never “booze.”) Glazed Donut Vodka Tonic? Yes, please!

So when I found a bottle of wasabi-flavored vodka, I knew I had to try it out. On its own, it was not for me, but luckily, I discovered an even better use for it: wasabi pea truffles.

Wasabi Pea Truffles

For the full, and surprisingly not super spicy recipe, visit Foodbeast.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Deep-Fried Crescent Roll Wrapped Ho Hos®

I try to mix it up on the blog—not give you four fudge recipes in a row, even though I've made them all in a span of 48 hours. But sometimes I get on a kick, and I just have to get it out of my system. Right now, I'm obsessing over, well, lots of stuff, but two things I'll tell you about: cronuts and the return of Hostess® snack cakes. So what better way to express my joy about both than combining the two in to an epic cro-ho of awesomeness?

Deep-Fried Crescent Roll Wrapped Ho Hos

  • 1 can Pillsbury® Crescent Recipe Creations® refrigerated seamless dough sheet
  • 5 Hostess Ho Hos
  • oil for frying
  • powdered sugar for coating
  1. Heat oil to 375 degrees in your totally worth the purchase Fry Daddy.
  2. Open crescent roll dough, unroll and fold in half to form a long, skinny rectangle. 
  3. Roll the crescent roll dough out slightly to reach a length of 15 inches and then cut into five 3-inch pieces.
  4. Place a Ho Ho on each piece of dough and wrap the snack cake fully, sealing the seams. (I would suggest removing excess dough from the ends for even cooking. Feel free to use that extra dough to make sure the Ho Ho is sealed in there good.)
  5. Fry each cro-ho for two minutes on each side until dark golden brown.
  6. Let cool for 4 minutes, then sprinkle with powdered sugar. 
Ho-ho-ly goodness, it's as if Pillsbury and Hostess had a tasty, tasty baby. These cro-hos are an amazing conglomeration of crispy crescent and warm gooey chocolate (and creme), and they are not to be missed.