Friday, May 24, 2013

Chocolate Covered FRENCH'S® French Fried Onions

I realized I haven't straight up covered something weird in chocolate in a hot minute, so I took a look in my pantry to see what I could find. We had Thanksgiving for Easter, so we had some left over FRENCH'S® French Fried Onions from the green been casserole. Perfect! Then I tasted them... not so perfect. But I didn't let that stop me. Went to the store, snagged another container and voila!

Chocolate Covered FRENCH'S French Fried Onions


  • 1/3c FRENCH'S French Fried Onions
  • 1 block of chocolate baking bark (extrapolate as necessary)


  1. Melt chocolate.
  2. Dip onions in chocolate to cover.
  3. Let set in fridge.

Sweet, salty, and satisfying. If you happen to have any leftover from Thanksgiving, Easter, or other green bean casserole making occasion, it's definitely worth trying it out.

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