Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, and Trix Cereal Bark

I love fruity cereal, Fruity Pebbles being my favorite; however, Froot Loops or Trix will do in a pinch. But what if I don't want to choose? If I'm feeling particularly fruity (when isn't that the case?), then I can just munch on all three. Why? Because I'm grown and am allowed to do that now. And I can even take it one step further. How about smacking all three down on a slab of yummy white chocolate to make one travel-friendly, easy-to-share snack.

Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, and Trix Cereal Bark


  • 1 cup each of your favorite cereal (your the one who's going to eat it, so you just make it however you want)
  • 12oz white chocolate chips (or other chocolate of your choice)

  1. Cover cookie sheet with wax paper.
  2. Combine cereals in a big bowl.
  3. Melt chocolate chips and spread out on wax paper.
  4. Evenly drop cereal all over the chocolate and smash it down.
  5. Add some nice, cold milk to the left over cereal and eat it up while you are waiting for your chocolate to harden.

Yum yum yum! One yum for each cereal. It's a burst of fruity crunchy goodness with a nice solid, but subtle white chocolate undertone. Make it. Eat it. Love it.


  1. I'm a big dessert lover myself, so i try to make desserts atleast every 2 weeks or something. DO you just try new recipes everyday or how often are you baking in the kitchen?

  2. I try my best to bake twice a week. I more often than not bake things I haven't baked before, but every once in a while, I'll make repeat a recipe that I know is really good.