Thursday, July 28, 2011

Car-Baked Sugar Cookies

It's hot in NC and it's been hot and it will continue to be hot for, well, a hot minute. Fortunately, this is something that I'm used to as I'm hot every day, regardless of the weather. OW!

Anyfullofmyself, this past weekend was particularly toasty, which lent itself perfectly to baking cookies in the car. I know I've done this before, but with a dough that I made from scratch. This time I just went to the store and snagged a package of Pillsbury ready-to-bake sugar cookies. No need to be fancy when you are having fun.

Car-Baked Sugar Cookies

  • 1pkg Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies
  • sugar for rolling, optional
  • sprinkles for fun, NOT optional!
  1. Line a cookie sheet or two with parchment. 
  2. Put your favorite pre-made, pre-sliced/squared, cookie dough on said sheets. 
  3. SMASH the cookies relatively flat so they bake evenly and thoroughly. I used the bottom of a buttered/sugared glass. (And I rolled my cookies in sugar first). 
  4. Top them with sprinkles, if that's how you roll and throw those bad boys into the car, on the dash (on top of a towel and not touching anything in the car). 
  5. Let them hang out for several hours. (My cookies were out there for 5 hours).

BLAMO! Car-baked cookies. They don't get brown like they do in the oven, so you have to kind of feel things out. Get in the car, door closed, and check on them after a few hours. But don't do that often or the heat from the car will be lost and it will take even longer for them to bake. 

If you have somewhere to be that requires you to drive, this isn't going to work out well if you only have one car. Having no plans for Kyle's car to move anytime this summer, I was able to run some errands while the cookies baked.

The cookies were light and flaky, kind of like pie crust. I think rolling the cookies in sugar added to that pastry-like consistency and flavor. It's something to try for the novelty, but these in particular aren't anything spectacular.

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  1. I cannot WAIT for it to be summer here so I can try this out. Cooking pizza on the dashboard sounds like an excellent idea.