Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chocolate Covered Bugles

I'm just racking up the list of chocolate-covered salty situations. And I'll keep going until I've covered the world in chocolate (and thrown some bacon in there, too). 

Did you ever put Bugles on all of your fingers and pretend you were a witch with really pointy (and salty) fingernails? Yea, me either...

I couldn't decide how to best dip them, so I tried pointy end first as well was open end first. Both seemed to work, but I think dipping in the open end first is the winner. Plus, you can totally stand them up on that end once you have shaken them out. Don't want to leave the opening filled with chocolate because then the ratio of chocolate to Bugle would be jacked my (I would say humble, but we know that would be a lie) opinion.

Chocolate-Covered Bugles

The ingredients are simply Bugles and baking bark. (As you can see, I used both milk and white.) 

And the directions are easy as melt, dip, chill.

Don't have much in the way of commentary. These were definitely better than the Funyuns, but still not as good as the Cheetos. They were polished off with a quickness, so regardless of how they stacked up against previous creations, they were good times.


  1. I actually had a dream where I was given a bowel of these...

    they were tasty in my dream at least.. :)

  2. I pray to God you mean a bowl...yikes.

  3. LMBO! I was hoping they meant bowl too..somehow i dont think anyone would be dreaming of bowel full of chocolate covered ANYTHING..unless of course--it was a nightmare :-)