Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cadbury Egg Cookies

I've been contemplating interesting ways of using seasonal candy. I have already made chocolate-covered Peeps (great!) and mallow cereal treats using Peeps (eh). So I've moved on to Cadbury Eggs.

This is a little time consuming as you have to prep the eggs and the creme, but WORTH IT!

Basically you just replace your chocolate chips in your fav choc. chip cookie recipe with Cadbury Eggs. I sliced the eggs in half, scooped out the creme and chopped them up. (I was able to get around 3/4 cup of chocolate from 6 eggs).

I substitued the eggs for my choc. chips in my dough. And once the cookies were baked and cooled, I drizzled the creme over them. If you shy away from Cadbury eggs because they might be too rich for your blood (Never!), then this could work for you as the cookie breaks up the heaviness of the egg.

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