Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cake Balls!

I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, "I love you like a fat kid loves cake." Well, I love CAKE like a fat kid loves cake. And frosting, too!

These balls of cake have made their rounds on the Internet, so I'm sure most of you have probably heard of them. But here's the recipe....

Cake Balls

1 box cake mix (and necessary stuff to make it)
1 can of frosting (some people say 16 oz, but I think a regular can works)
Candy bark coating


1. Bake the cake as directed, sucka!
2. Let the cake cool completely and then crumble up into a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig bowl.
3. Dump that whole can of frosting into the cake crumbs and mash it all up.
4. Scoop and roll into balls (1 T) and let chill.
5. Melt choc. coating and coat the cake balls. Chill some more!


With the many cake and frosting options there are endless combos. My go-to is Red Velvet Cake with WHITE frosting (cream cheese does not do it for me). But this time around I wanted to mix things up. This concoction is Funfetti cake, Funfetti frosting, additional sprinkles and white chocolate coating. I made these for a college kid movie night and apparently they were a hit.

I have a lemon cake mix and lemon frosting in my pantry for my next go round.

The softness of the cake/frosting mix against the crunchiness of the chocolate coating is glorious.

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