Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chocolate Covered Goodness

Sweet and salty is a combo I can get behind. So I decided to hop on the chocolate-covered band wagon (Mmm...) and try out a few things.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

I've seen a few recipes for this on-line. I used baking bark as it seems easier to work with than regular melted chocolate. I melted the bark and then brushed it on to the chips. I used both white and regular chocolate bark. Not really a recipe behind this one, just a bag of chips (wavy seems to be the way to go) and melted chocolate.

I really enjoyed the white chocolate version. They even went well with the guacamole!

Chocolate Covered Bacon

I love incorporating bacon into dessert. My Bacon Rice Krispies Treats were a hit at church. And, although it took some coaxing, once people actually tried my Maple Bacon Cookies, they really enjoyed them.

The chocolate covered bacon was well-recieved. No specific recipe here either. Just cooked a package of bacon, chopped each piece in half and then coated with chocolate. I split half white and half chocolate with this one as well. Again, my preference is towards anything white chocolate, but both were, as my buddy Lyssa says, tasteful.

This was a night full of food. Guh. You know how you suck in your gut even when nobody is around, at least to some extent? Yea, that is so not happening right now.

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